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Research into transgender people' experiences of domestic abuse in the UK.

Read more: Transgender People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

Report into challenges and inequalities faced by trans people in Brighton & Hove, aiming to answer the question "what needs to be done to make things fairer for trans people to live, work and socialise in the city?"

Read more: Brighton & Hove City Council Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel

Research into developing questions on gender identity and gender reassignment. Includes results from a survey of 10,000 people which show that 1% of people have gone through any part of a gender reassignment process (including thoughts and/or actions), and that 0.4% of people have a non-binary gender.

Read more: Technical note: Measuring Gender Identity

Out for Sport is Scotland’s first research into homophobia and transphobia in Scottish Sport.

Read more: Out for Sport

The Skills Funding Agency has published its study into LGB&T learners in Further Education, to which GIRES and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation contributed. The full report includes recommendations for the SFA and FE colleges.

Read more: Research into Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Adult Learning

Report originally presented at World Professional Association for Transgender Health Symposium, Oslo, June 18–20 2009.

Read more: A model for the demographics of trans people in the UK

Research commissioned by the Home Office Violent Crime Unit into the size, growth and geographic distribution of people with gender variance in the UK.

Read more: Gender Variance in the UK: Prevalence, Incidence, Growth and Geographic Distribution (and 2011...


Read more: Trans Data Position Paper

Presentation originally delivered at LGBT Health Summit, Bristol, September 4th 2008.

Read more: Gender Variance: Prevalence and Trend

A collection of reports based on a research project where lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people shared their views and experiences, and worked with service providers and others to gather and present evidence that would promote positive changes for LGBT people. 

Read more: Count Me In Too

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