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Brief Summary

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UK Trans Info recently looked for feedback on what terminology we should use when speaking about trans and nonbinary people. We recognise there is unlikely to be a perfect solution or complete consensus on this issue, but we want to try and use terminology that is as inclusive as possible. To this end we ran a short online survey which we publicised through our facebook, twitter, tumblr and ello accounts. We are also very grateful to the significant number of individuals and organisations who publicised the survey. It ran from 22nd February until 8th March 2015.

The survey collected opinions on four topics:

  1. Where appropriate, should we use the term ‘trans and non-binary’ or is ‘trans’ sufficient?
  2. Should we talk about community or communities, or only talk about people?
  3. Should the word non-binary include a hyphen, or should it be nonbinary?
  4. When using the term trans, should it include an asterisk so it says trans*?

Each question had limited options, and we did see a few comments expressing concern over this. The decision to do this was intentional as it would allow for the clearest results. The options available were determined from discussion with UK Trans Info’s advisory group, which is made up of people with varying gender identities from around the UK.

We received a total of 495 responses. All questions were optional but each question received at least 483 responses.

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