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Access this URL (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15532739.2013.824847)Full text[Link to copy hosted by Taylor & Francis Online]

Brief Summary

Irish study originally published in the International Journal of Transgenderism.


The present study qualitatively explores affirmation and support for transgender people living in Ireland on the personal, interpersonal, and sociocultural levels. Seven participants engaged in one-on-one semistructured interviews. Following thematic analysis, a number of supportive and nonsupportive factors emerged regarding personal identity and experiences, interactions with others, and the sociocultural backdrop in which these exist. The main themes reflect a common narrative in which the participant is currently happy or content, though after a period of very challenging experiences largely attached to their often socially stigmatized identity. Results are reflected on in relation to previous research, and clinical and educational applications are discussed with suggestions for future research.

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