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List of countries and territories that have a gender recognition system that is approved for use an the overseas track gender recognition certificate application.

Read more: T491: Table of Gender Recognition Systems in Approved Countries and Territories Under the Gender...

This is a guide to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 as it specifically affects those who are married or in a civil partnership. It is to be read in conjunction with A general guide for all users: Gender Recognition Act 2004. This document is out of date and no new version has been published.

Read more: T456: Guidance for Married People or those in Civil Partnerships

This is a guide explaining how pension arrangements are affected when a marriage or civil partnership is disolved using an interim Gender Recognition Certificate. This document is out of date and has been replaced.

Read more: T458: How the private pension rights of married couples and civil partners may be affected if one...

This is an additional guidance note issued by the president of the Gender Recognition Panel regarding the Gender Recognition Act's medical requirements.

Read more: T492: President's Guidance No. 1: Evidential requirements for applications under section 1(1)(a)...

These documents are the application form and guidance notes Gender Recognition Act fast track procedure. This procedure was only available until 3rd April 2007 and required applicants to provide evidence of living in their "acquired gender" for at least six years. It allowed applicants to apply using different medical criteria to the standard track process.

Read more: Application for a Gender Recognition Certificate - Fast Track Procedure

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