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Access this URL (http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/t465-eng.pdf)Guidance Notes (Current Version)[Link to copy hosted by Gender Recognition Panel]
Download this file (t465-eng2.pdf)Guidance Notes (December 2014)[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]

Brief Summary

Explanatory notes on how to complete a alternative track application for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Extract from Document


These Guidance Notes are designed to assist applicants to complete their application for a Gender Recognition Certificate under the alternative application route/track for those in protected marriages or civil partnerships or Scottish protected marriages or civil partnerships, who transitioned a long time ago.
Before completing the form, you should read the document ‘The General Guide for All Users’ (The General Guide) so that you are fully aware of the three ways in which you can apply for an interim or full Gender Recognition Certificate and the consequences of applying for a legal gender change.
If your acquired gender has been recognised under the law of another country you may be eligible to apply under the overseas application route (you can check this in ‘The General Guide’). If you are not eligible to use either the alternative or the overseas application processes, then you should apply using the standard application route. 
An applicant using the alternative application form must show that they meet the following four conditions. These are that you:
  • were a party to a protected marriage or a protected civil partnership or a Scottish protected marriage or a Scottish protected civil partnership on or before the date of your application and
  • have lived full time in your acquired gender for at least 6 years before the 10 December 2014, and have continued to live in the acquired gender until the date the application was made, (for Scottish protected marriages and civil partnerships this date is the 16 December 2014)
  • either have or have had gender dysphoria or else have undergone surgical treatment to modify your sexual characteristics and
  • are ordinarily resident in England, Wales or Scotland.
Please note: this application route does not apply to marriages or civil partnerships registered in Northern Ireland.
Each section of this guidance indicates what information you should include in the corresponding section on the application form. These Guidance Notes should answer most of the questions you may have.
We recommend that you read the relevant notes before completing each section of the form. If you do find the application form difficult to complete on your own, you could ask a friend or someone from a support organisation to help you, or you can telephone the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) administrative team on 0300 123 4503.

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