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Brief Summary

Information leaflet that is sent to service users of Leeds GIC.

Extract from Document

This leaflet has been produced to give you some information about the service we offer. The terms Gender Dysphoria and Transsexualism are used to describe the condition in which people want to change their gender. The terms Trans-men and Trans-women are also used.

Gender Dysphoria is a frustrating condition for anyone to live with and many people can misunderstand it. It is not a mental illness: as depression and anxiety. We still do not know the cause and there is “no cure”.

Gender Dysphoria can affect different people in different ways. For example, it can be related to problems in self-esteem, in relationships, in emotional expression, in socialising or within the work place. Your contact with the Gender identity Team is intended to allow you to talk through any such difficulties in a non threatening environment.

Gender transition can help many people but it is not the answer for everyone. For those who choose to undergo gender transition with the support of the service, the experience can be demanding and difficult. For many people it may intensify or cause unsettling feelings. Having a social gender transition in your true gender can prepare you physically, emotionally and socially for a future life in a new role. The support of The Gender Identity Team is aimed at helping you with this.

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