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Brief Summary

FAQ for Leeds GIC.

Extract from Document

Leeds Gender Identity Service is well established, around 20 years old and has evolved over the years.  It is a dynamic process. Below are some frequently asked questions and our answers as they stand in 2013.

1) What are the team’s views and commitment to the client group?

The service has a very committed multi disciplinary team.  Fortunately all members of the team (Consultant Psychiatrists, Medical Practitioner, Endocrinologist, Clinical Nurse Specialist’s, Occupational Therapist, Prescribing Pharmacist, Clinical Team Manager, Clinical Service Manager and the Team Administrators) share the belief in the bio psycho social model and its application within physical, mental, social and general health and Gender Dysphoria in particular.  All members of the team believe in the recognition of Gender Dysphoria and the need to facilitate and co ordinate gender reassignment in the safest and most effective manner.

The service believe in mutual respect between service provider and service user, informed consent, capacity , guidelines and a flexible application accordingly to individual needs are paramount to the success of an agreed outcome.

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