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On the 18th of September NHS England held the first NHS Citizen Assembly, where citizens and the NHS England Board discussed important issues for the NHS. This will test how citizens can take forward and discuss issues that have the potential to change what NHS England does in the future.

The final report from the assembly can be accessed by clicking here.

Read more: NHS Citizen Assembly Gender Identity Services Meeting 18th September 2014

On 1st May 2014 the Trans Health Matters conference was held in Birmingham. As part of the conference a session was run by NHS England with a number of presentations about the review of Gender Identity Services. This document is the compilation of those presentations.

Read more: Gender Identity Services Review Presentation from Trans Health Matters 2014 Conference

NHS England's Patient and Public Voice team hosted the third Gender Identity Workshop on 20th March 2014. The audience consisted of Commissioners, Clinicians, Trans people and Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations. There was approximately 80 people in total, 70% of the room was from the Trans community.

Read more: Gender Identity Workshop, 20th March 2014

Minutes from the November 2013 workshop held by NHS England with the lead commissioners of Gender Identity Services in England. 

Read more: Gender Identity Workshop, 7th November 2013

Minutes from the June 2013 workshops held by NHS England. There were two meetings - one with trans people and another with NHS Clinicians. 

Read more: Gender Identity Workshop, 18th June 2013

When NHS England was formed in 2013 a consultation was held to decide the clinicial commissioning policy for specialised services, including gender dysphoria. The consultation included draft documents that were intended to be the NHS England clinical commissioning policy for gender dysphoria. As a result of the consultation the draft documents were rejected due to legal concerns. As a result, the Interim Gender Dysphoria Protocol and Service Guideline 2013/14 was adopted instead.

Read more: Consultation into Draft Clinical Commissioning Policy: The Provision of Gender Dysphoria Services

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