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UK Trans Info is a national charity focused on improving the lives of trans and non-binary people in the UK.

Our main aims are to:

  • Bring together resources from around the UK making them easily accessible to all through one website.
  • Endeavour to add new resources as they become available and to publicise them through social media.
  • Recognise and attempt to close gaps in the resources that are currently available.
  • Give trans and non-binary people in the UK a voice by campaigning for our rights.
  • Work with and educate individuals and organisations to ensure the needs of trans and non-binary people are taken into account.
  • Promote transparency, clarity and openness within public sector organisations.
  • Signpost those in need to the resources they require and in some cases contacting organisations or individuals on their behalf.
  • Promote action and awareness of relevant surveys, conventions, consultations and research projects.
  • Engage and collaborate with other trans and non-binary organisations to pool resources, strengthen our collective voice and reduce duplication of work.

We try to keep updated with the latest information and resources from around the UK. If there is a new resource that we don't have, an older resource you would like adding, or a topic you need extra resources on then please get in touch and we will try our best to meet your needs.

We're changing!

Since UK Trans Info was founded in 2014 as an information resource & archive, we've changed a lot, coming to focus on lobbying government and NHS.

From 2015, we fought to have the NHS treat trans people faster, as they’re legally required to do. We began publishing our own information resources and guidelines, and undertook to get election candidates to pledge support for non binary rights.

We took part in Government's Inquiry into Transgender Equality, giving verbal and written evidence, and worked hard following up on their report. We pushed for transparency in the NHS, and lobbied the #NHSGenderID consultations for better treatment.

We began to advocate for those who emailed us needing support with the legal and healthcare aspects of being trans, and, undertook a role as an individual advocate.

Recently, we've had to take a step back from this work and assess the direction that the organisation is going - UK Trans Info is run by volunteers and the types and amounts of work we do has to account for that. There’s an ever-increasing demand for individual support, so our focus going forward will be advocacy for trans, nonbinary and intersex people on an individual and political basis.

As a result of these changes, we are also going to be rebranding UK Trans Info. In the near future, UK Trans Info will become the Trans & Intersex Advocacy Coalition, bringing together the work and support of not only UK Trans Info but others we have worked with.

Guide to UK Legal Gender Recognition

UK Trans Info, with support and funding from Scottish Transgender Alliance, has produced a comprehensive guide to obtaining legal gender recognition in the UK. More details...

Current Waiting Times & Patient Population For Gender Identity Services in the UK

One of UK Trans Info's main aims is to promote transparency, clarity and openness within public sector organisations. As such we have sent a series of requests under the Freedom of Information Act to all NHS and HSCNI organisations which contain an adult Gender Identity Clinic (GIC). The purpose of these requests was to find out more about the waiting lists for accessing gender identity services in the UK and also to find out more about the current patient population. These requests are currently being sent on a quarterly basis. More details...

Name Change Guide

There are a lot of misconceptions about how a person can change their name, yet in fact is is quick, easy and free. We have made a detailed guide on how to change your name and title. More details...

Web Hosting Scheme

UK Trans Info believe that all trans and non-binary groups, organisations and charities should be able to have a website, but we recognise that the costs involved can be prohibitive. For this reason we run a new web hosting service specifically for trans and non-binary groups, organisations and charities. This service is either free or very low cost, depending on your circumstances and requirements. More details...

Non-binary Pledge

In the run up to the 2015 General Election, we asked all Candidates to make our Non-binary Pledge. The campaign was a huge success, and over 20% of candidates made our pledge. More details...


Trans and Non-Binary People in the UK

Transgender (often abbreviated to 'trans') and non-binary individuals are an integral part of the diverse fabric of the United Kingdom. While their experiences and identities have existed throughout history, it is only in recent decades that there has been a growing awareness and understanding of these communities in the UK.

  1. Definition and Identity:

    • Transgender individuals are those whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. This can include people who transition from male to female, or vice versa.
    • Non-binary individuals do not identify exclusively as male or female. Their gender identity might be a blend of both, neither, or fluctuate over time.
  2. Legal Recognition and Rights:

    • The Gender Recognition Act 2004 was a significant milestone, allowing trans people to change their legal gender. However, it has faced criticism for its perceived bureaucratic and medicalized approach.
    • The Equality Act 2010 further cemented the rights of trans and non-binary people, offering protection from discrimination in areas like employment, education, and services.
  3. Healthcare:

    • Trans and non-binary individuals often face unique health challenges and require specialized medical care. The National Health Service (NHS) provides gender identity clinics and services, though waiting times and access remain contentious issues.
  4. Social Acceptance:

    • Public opinion in the UK has become more accepting over the years, with increased representation in media, arts, and public discourse. However, like many other places, the community still faces challenges, including prejudice, discrimination, and hate crimes.
  5. Community and Support:

    • Numerous organizations, such as Stonewall, Mermaids, and Gendered Intelligence, offer support, resources, and advocacy for the trans and non-binary communities in the UK.
  6. Challenges Ahead:

    • While there have been significant strides in understanding and acceptance, there's still work to be done. Issues like reforming the Gender Recognition Act, improving healthcare access, and tackling societal prejudices remain at the forefront.

The UK has seen considerable progress in recognizing and supporting its trans and non-binary citizens. Still, continuous efforts are needed to ensure equality, acceptance, and understanding for all.

UK Trans Info is run by volunteers and relies on donations from supporters in order to function. If you feel able to donate then please use the button below to make your donation. You will be able to choose how much you would like to donate (any amount is greatly appreciated) and if you would like it to be a one-off or a monthly donation.

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