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Guidance for prisons on how to care for and manage transsexual prisoners.

Read more: The Care and Management of Transsexual Prisoners

Factsheet designed to explain how the Equality Act 2010 (which was then just a Bill) protects against harassment for LGBT people.

Read more: Explaining the Equality Bill: Harassment protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Thomas Hammarberg, statement on the situation of transgender persons in Europe.

Read more: Human Rights and Gender Identity

This document provides information that is mainly designed to help trans parents who are experiencing difficulties in maintaining contact with their children and who are, therefore, seeking a Contact Order through the family court.

Read more: Court information for transsexual parents.

Details of the sensitive procedure for trans people completing a Disclosure Scotland application form.

Extract from document

Disclosure Scotland operates a special application process for transgender persons to assist in ensuring discretion is afforded to such individuals who do not wish their previous gender (and names) to be disclosed to the person or organisation requesting the Disclosure.

The disclosure process that Disclosure Scotland carries out is based on names, current and previous. The process requires any previous names be disclosed to Disclosure Scotland. This is intended to take account of names changed though marriage or legal name changes. With an understanding of the need of the trans people to have complete privacy in relation to their past life, the following special arrangements have been made to deal with Disclosure applications from them.

Details of sensitive process for trans people applying for an AccessNI Disclosure in Northern Ireland.

Read more: AccessNI Transgender Policy

The report describes how, during the period 1996-99, the legal responsibility of employers to protect transsexual employees against sex discrimination in the workplace was clearly established by several test cases and new government regulations.

Read more: Employment Discrimination and Transsexual People

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