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GIRES' official submission to Justice Minister Chris Grayling regarding the Spousal Veto situation.

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A manifesto for trans communities, developed by a number of trans organisations.

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Guidance issued by the President of the Family Division regarding the disclosure of protected information.


Gender Recognition Act 2004

Protected Information relating to a person who has acquired a Gender Recognition Certificate

Guidance issued by the President of the Family Division

In specified circumstances, section 22(4) of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 permits the disclosure of what would otherwise be ‘protected information’ about an individual who has applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

The effect of section 22(4)(e) is that ‘protected information’ may be disclosed “for the purposes of proceedings before a court or tribunal.”

The facts of the individual cases in which the disclosure question will arise are likely to vary widely. In some instances it will be relevant to the issues to know that an individual has a trans gender history. In others it will be entirely irrelevant.

Disclosure should not permitted in those cases where it is unnecessary and irrelevant to the issues.

There is a need for judges to be aware of and astute to the issues.

James Munby P

11 March 2014

Document explaining how transsexual people born between 24 Dec 1919 and 3 April 1945 may be able to get equal treatment rights for social security purposes. This process was caused by the Court of Appeal judgement in Christine Jennifer Timbrell v Secretary of State for Works and Pensions [2010] EWCA Civ 701.

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The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provide a sensitive applications process for trans people who do not wish to reveal former names. The DBS checks were formerly known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checks.

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This document sets out the specific actions the government have committed to take across government to advance transgender equality.

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In 2011 the government published four e-bulletins with the latest news and updates regarding transgender issues.

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A quick start guide for public sector organisations.

Read more: Equality Act 2010: Specific Duties to Support the Equality Duty What do I need to know?

A quick start guide for public sector organisations on the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Read more: Equality Act 2010: Public Sector Equality Duty What do I need to know?

Document written to specify the many issues that are of concern to transgender persons and their families, to inform the (cross government) Transgender Equality Action Plan.

Read more: Trans Community Statement of Need

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