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Presentation by Alex Drummond for the Trans* Emerging Trends Conference 2014.

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Guide to working with young trans people written by young people.

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This guide is for transgender women who are... 

  • Seeking a medical transition to alleviate gender dysphoria 
  • Confused by or pissed off at the current provision of services 
  • Over 18 years old

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In conjunction with the LGBT Consortium, Gendered Intelligence has produced a booklet aimed at parents and families of young trans people. They hope that this might offer parents and family members some information about what it means to be trans, how it might feel as a parent or family member of a young trans person and most importantly a bit of advice with regards to going forward from here.

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Information for people who currently identify as trans or who are beginning to explore their gender identity. This booklet has been produced by the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health in partnership with TransBareAll as part of the Pacesetters programme to reduce health inequalities.

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Glossary of terms used when discussing trans issues.

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This booklet was produced by young trans people and gathers stories, sources, facts and tips that these young people believe might be useful to anyone questioning their gender. This project was funded by the Department of Health's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisory Group in 2007.

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E-learning on Transgender Awareness for Employers and Service Providers

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