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Access this URL (http://actionfortranshealth.org.uk/resources/for-activists/trans-history-for-lgbt-history-month/)Blog Post[Link to copy hosted by Action for Trans* Health]

Brief Summary

A short guide to UK trans history including information about relevant historical figures and events.

Extract from Document

We can see evidence of trans* people in all cultures and periods for which we have sufficient evidence to study gender identity. The terminology used to describe gender identity and presentation has changed significantly between different societies and over time, as has what it means to be a man, a woman, or another gender.

Despite this we can see that there have always been people who did not fully identify with or present as the gender they were assigned at birth. These people would fit our current conceptualisation of what it means to be trans*, although this is a label that they would probably be unfamiliar with. Throughout history, trans* people have been rich and poor, rulers and slaves, artists and farmers. In short trans* people in the past were a diverse bunch!

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