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The Home Office commissioned GIRES to prepare a toolkit for schools to use in combating transphobic bullying. The material has undergone extensive testing by people involved in education, government agencies, the unions, the police and organisations working in the transgender field.

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This document forms part of the ‘Safe to Learn’ suite of anti-bullying guidance for schools. It outlines what school leaders and school staff can do to prevent and respond to sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying. The guidance aims to do two things: firstly, build understanding around what sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying is and how it is relevant to schools, and secondly provide schools with the information they need to prevent and tackle this form of bullying. This includes the development of whole school policy and effective practice.

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This DVD is a teaching tool aimed at those working in primary schools. It is available to hire only from Gendered Intelligence.

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E-learning resource on promoting trans equality in further education

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