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Access this URL (http://www.royalfree.nhs.uk/pdf/trasngender_booklet_low%20res.pdf)Transgender Guide for NHS Acute Hospital Trusts[Link to copy hosted by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust]
Download this file (trasngender_booklet_low res.pdf)Transgender Guide for NHS Acute Hospital Trusts[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]

Brief Summary

This booklet provides the basic information required to understand the needs of Transgender and Gender Variant people in a hospital setting.

Extract from booklet:

The ethos underpinning this booklet is the belief that human rights are for everyone. The core values of human rights and equality policy in the acute hospital trust setting, as throughout NHS provision and service delivery, are founded on firm patient centred and human rights principles, and include: fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy. These core values will provide the essential framework to this guide, which seeks to inform the reader and promote best practice.

The intended audience is “frontline” staff, including clinicians, support, and administrative staff. It is also a useful introductory tool for directors and board members.

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