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Access this URL (https://nationallgbtpartnershipdotorg.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/np-trans-health-factsheet-access-final.pdf)Factsheet[Link to copy hosted by LGB&T Partnership]
Download this file (np-trans-health-factsheet-access-final.pdf)Factsheet[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]

Brief Summary

Fact sheet about how to access gender identity services in England.

Extract from document

This fact sheet focuses on the process of gaining access to gender identity services and support for those aged 17 plus in England. (Arrangements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland vary and people there should consult local organisations for advice). It is intended for use by adults, and their families and friends, who are seeking professional guidance and support in relation to gender identity issues. It will be of assistance to others with a professional interest in providing support and guidance to such people. It provides simple answers to basic questions.

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