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Evidence of well-known companies and organisations accepting and offering Mx as a gender-inclusive title.

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In December 2014 a new section was added to Facebook profiles headed 'Other Names'. In a dangerous breach of data protection, some people who had previously changed the name on their Facebook profile found that their old name(s) were appearing in this new section. This was done without consent or notification, and could be potentially very dangerous.

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The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) released the blog post Changing your name and gender: the data protection implications which dealt with changing name and gender markers on records. UK Trans Info subsequently contacted the ICO to obtain similar information from them regarding the change of titles (such as Mr, Miss, etc) with explicit mention of gender neutral titles such as Mx.

This email is reproduced here with permission.

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UK Trans Info has been made aware of a number of trans people having difficulties obtaining revised qualification or degree certificates after changing their name. When a trans person changes their name as part of their gender transition it is legally required that organisations issue new certificates in order to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This does not require a Gender Recognition Certificate.

This document explains the legal position and provides guidance for trans people and for organisations. Trans people who are having difficulty getting their certificates reissued may wish to send a copy alongside their request.

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Blog post by Steve Wood, Head of Policy Delivery at the Information Commissioner's Office, regarding the data protection implications of changing your name and gender on records.

This post was originally published on the ICO Blog and is reproduced here with permission.

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This response to a Freedom of Information request gives details of how a change of gender is dealt with within NHS National Services Scotland and the Community Health Index (CHI).

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Contains information about changing name and gender on a British passport. This does not require surgery or a Gender Recognition Certificate.

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Contains information for changing name and gender on NHS records in England and Wales. This does not require surgery or a Gender Recognition Certificate.

This document provides detailed procedures for the NHS England Patient Database System (PDS) which is the national electronic database of NHS patient demographic details such as name, address, date of birth and NHS Number. Chapter 7 provides guidance for GP surgeries on how to deal with a patient who requests a change of gender on their medical records. This can be particularly useful for patients whose GP incorrectly believes that a Gender Recognition Certificate or surgery is required before the gender marker can be changed.

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In order to change your name and gender on your UK driving licence you do not need to do anything special but should just follow the standard process for changing your name and photo. However the gender marker on a driving licence is not obvious and it may not be immediately obvious if it has been changed. This document includes an explanation of how your gender is recorded as part of your driver number.

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This is the Ministry of Defence policy for the replacement of medals for trans people. It includes guidance for serving personnel and veterans.

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