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Download this file (symposium2.pdf)Programme and attendees (updated 26 June)[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Access this URL (http://www.england.nhs.uk/2015/06/26/drive-for-action/)Press release (26th June 2015)[Link to NHS England website]

Brief Summary

Programme and confirmed attendance list for Gender Identity Symposium being hosted by NHS England on 30th June 2015. Please note that this is a select meeting and not open for public participation. It has now been confirmed that the symposium will be webcast here and they plan to use twitter to connect others in to the room using #NHSGenderID hashtag. Further details will be added to this page as they become available.

Although this event is being hosted by NHS England and therefore some of the organisations invited are England specific, many of the organisations involved have UK-wide responsibilities. The repercussions of this meeting could therefore have a UK wide impact.

Extract from document

Over the past two years, NHS England has learned of widespread issues with the treatment received by trans-gender and non-binary people, which includes reports of discrimination in the NHS and reduced access to health services. There has been a public commitment made by the board of NHS England to address the problems experienced by the trans-gender and non-binary community with an understanding that, due to the complexity of the issues, involvement from other organisations will be required to make impactful changes and improve the experience and outcomes o f trans and non binary people. A number of statutory organisations and various professional associations have been invited to this Symposium with the intention to support each other in discharging our ethical and legal responsibilities towards trans and non-binary people by agreeing a collective ambition for addressing the problem, by defining where responsibility for each element of the problem sits across organisations and what action can be taken to make progress.

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