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Download this file (17-43-56-trans_youth_bullying_report1108.pdf)Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Access this URL (http://cdn0.genderedintelligence.co.uk/2012/11/17/17-43-56-trans_youth_bullying_report1108.pdf)Issues of Bullying Around Trans and Gender Variant Students in Schools, Colleges[Link to copy hosted by Gendered Intelligence]

Brief Summary

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is keen to ensure that trans people are not being left out of the anti-bullying policies that are being implemented across schools, colleges and Universities in the UK. Gendered Intelligence were asked to gather some of the experiences of young trans and gender variant people in and around schools.

Extract from Report

This report looks at bullying around transgendered or gender variant people in and around the school environment. This guide looks to outline key terms in relation to both trans people and those that do not express themselves within the gender norms of male and female, boy and girl. 

The following concentrates on detailed excerpts of experiences in and impacts of the various bullying behaviour towards trans and gender variant young people at school, colleges and universities. It shows where and how, and by whom transphobia and genderist related behaviour might appear within the school environment, as well as offering some suggestions from levels of policy to staff education and teaching tools. 

It makes links to various policies around homophobic bullying that work, in part, to prevent bullying around all non-normative gender presentations that also benefits trans young people. It also highlights restrictive opportunities based on sexed identities, for example in physical education aspect of school and the sexism that continues. 

There are some reflections that consider the usefulness of naming certain acts specifically ‘transphobic’, and what measures should be put in place to prevent transphobia. It also considers though how despite implementing these preventions some young people who present non-normative genders might still slip through the net. 

It interestingly offers ideas from the young people and their family members around what would positively impact on their school experiences and what could be implemented as good practise to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all. 


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