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This is a resource for all those commissioning and delivering healthcare services in order to support the delivery of an equitable public health system.

Read more: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Public Health Outcomes Framework Companion Document

Breakdown of number of sexual transformation procedures carried out in English hospitals between 2002-03 and 2012-13 by age and sex.

Read more: Number of sexual transformation procedures in English hospitals 2002/03 to 2012/13

Study into the mental health and emotional wellbeing of UK trans people.

Read more: Trans Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Study 2012

Guide to the cost of gender reassignment published as rebuttal of increasingly inaccurate cost information provided by the UK national media in respect of this subject.

Read more: The cost of gender re-assignment: A rebuttal of misleading and inaccurate information provided by...

The report is aimed at women’s and LGBT groups to use as a lobbying tool for better services; to provide a literature review of previous research, statistics and information; and to provide information for referrals to other organisations and services. As well as giving a background to the sector and highlighting the challenges it faces it hopes to provide information on what services are available and so also act as a directory for the sector in the UK.

Read more: In All Our Colours: Lesbian, bisexual and trans women's services in the UK

This study and report was released in 2008 and is a 'snapshot' of service provision for Gender Identitiy Services including where the provision is geographically, what they can provide and what clinicians themselves think is helping or hindering them with their work.

Read more: Gender Identity Services in England: The Mapping Project Report

Report into the needs of the trans community in Brighton, and the case for a client-centred care pathway for trans people in Brighton & Hove.

Read more: Report into the Medical and Related Needs of Transgender People in Brighton and Hove: The Case for...

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