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Access this URL (http://gires.org.uk/assets/YoungstersTreatment/consentforms.pdf)Consent Forms[Link to copy hosted by GIRES]
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Brief Summary

Example consent forms for hormone and surgical treatment of trans people.

Extract from Document

The following forms are intended to protect both service users and clinicians by ensuring that proper information has been given to service users, and that this is fully understood, before embarking on treatment. Before signing the consent form, service users should be sure to ask about anything that they have not understood. The forms relevant to hormone treatment may be provided at the first appointment, so that service users have the opportunity to take the forms away and consider any gaps in their knowledge while waiting for basic blood tests to be done. Although hormone treatment will almost always follow, this should not be presumed to be an automatic process since tests may reveal serious contra-indications.

It is acknowledged that some service users will already be self-medicating, in which case, the doctor should bring them into a safely monitored regime as quickly as possible. If the doctor is concerned about the product and dosage being used by the service user, then a “bridging prescription” may be provided for a period of up to three months, while blood tests are done.

All service users will benefit from having the information on these forms.

The consent forms may be read in conjunction with the NHS booklet –“A guide to hormone therapy for trans people” 


  • Trans woman [MtF] testosterone blocking treatment
  • Trans woman [MtF] oestrogen treatment
  • Trans man [FtM] testosterone treatment
  • Young person [FtM] hormone blocking treatment
  • Young person [MtF] hormone blocking treatment)

At the time of referring a service user for surgery, some doctors take the precaution of obtaining informed consent for the actual referral. This is to ensure that any misunderstandings on the part of the service user may be picked up at an early stage. The following forms are suggested for that purpose.

(Surgeons themselves will have their own consent forms that should be made available to the service user a few weeks before surgery, rather than at the last minute. This provides a further opportunity for the service user to consider all possible outcomes before embarking on this surgery).

  • Trans woman [MtF] referral for gender confirmation surgery
  • Trans man [FtM] referral for gender confirmation surgery

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