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Brief Summary

This document has been written by an NHS England senior analyst. The document reports on the findings of visits that were made to six gender identity clinics in 2015, for the purpose of describing current pathways of care within each of the clinics. This document was obtained from NHS England by UK Trans Info, but it is a DRAFT.

This report remains draft while NHS England await comments from the clinics on factual accuracy, and pending further re-modelling by the senior analyst around a description of waiting times and bottlenecks in the pathways.

NHS England say this is a complex exercise and they envisage that this work will not complete until November 2015. The draft report remains in progress and no conclusions can be drawn from the draft report, nor can the validity of any recommendations be assessed, until a final version has been delivered and formally signed off by NHS England.

This document is shared on the UK Trans Info website under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

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