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Brief Summary

A guide to changing names and genders for trans people, employers and other organisations.

Extract from Document

Please Choose an Expert - NOT any old Trans person.

Just because a person is trans, does not mean that they will have spent their life becoming an expert in transgender lives and issues.

This is a common mistake. Many organisations, who want advice or information think it acceptable to consult with the one transgender employee they have. This can be a significant mistake, leading to inadequate policies being developed, and resulting in poor practice.

Most Trans people want to safely and quietly transition into their preferred gender role, and then get on with the life they have fought so hard to get. Some may not have that choice because, for a long time, they will look like they are trans.

Ultimately, with hormone therapy, most Trans people will largely pass as an ordinary member of their preferred gender. When this happens, most will let their Trans history disappear whenever possible. Nevertheless, that is not always the case. Increasingly, Trans people are choosing to be out and proud about their gender history. 

However, that will not make them an expert. Most will want to spend their free time enjoying their new life, their hobbies and their friendships. They will choose to leave the expertise about transgender people lives and concerns to one of the organisations, such as Press For Change.

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