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Brief Summary

Guide to monitoring gender variance.

Extract from Document

Gender nonconforming people have widely varying identities and needs: A few individuals experience a mismatch between the way they look on the outside and the gender identity they feel inside, which may be termed gender nonconformity. This condition is increasingly understood to originate before birth. The people who experience it do so to varying degrees, express it in a variety of ways and use a wide array of terms to self identify. For some, the experience is so ntolerable that they transition to live in the opposite gender role, usually supported by medical treatment to align the way they look with their innate gender identities. Those persons who intend to transition, are doing so or have already done so have the gender reassignment characteristic that is protected under the Equality Act (2010). The Act also protects those associated with them, such as family members, as well as others who are perceived to have the characteristic. The Gender Recognition Act (2004) permits those who are not married or in civil partnerships to acquire a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) that applies for all purposes and protects their privacy.

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