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Download this file (license-to-be-yourself-20140501.pdf)License To Be Yourself[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Access this URL (http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/license-to-be-yourself-20140501.pdf)License To Be Yourself[Link to copy hosted by Open Society Foundation]

Brief Summary

A report on the laws and policies from around the world (including the UK) that allow trans people to change the sex or gender on official documents.

Extract from Document

License To Be Yourself has been produced for multiple audiences. It has been written as a resource for activists working on human rights issues for trans people, drawing on the expertise and experiences of trans activists from across the world. As the right to be recognized before the law is an important human right, this report is also intended for human rights activists who may not have previously engaged on the issue. Lastly, the report can be a useful source of comparative information for policy makers who are considering developing laws, policies, or regulations on legal gender recognition that uphold the rights of trans people.

License To Be Yourself documents some of the most progressive and rights-based laws and policies from around the world - as of March 2014 - that enable trans people to change their sex/gender on official documents. In addition this resource shares the strategies that activists have used to achieve this progress, in different global and legal contexts. The resource does not suggest that one size fits all, but highlights common barriers and emerging opportunities. The aim is to support local communities to identify the best possible laws and policies for their own countries.

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