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Download this file (PDS_NHAIS_chapter7.pdf)PDS NHAIS Interaction Procedure Guide (Chapter 7: Gender Reassignment)[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Download this file (pdsprocdoc2_2.pdf)PDS NHAIS Interaction Procedure Guide (Entire Document)[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Access this URL (http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/ssd/downloads/add-downloads/pdsprocdoc2_2.pdf)PDS NHAIS Interaction Procedure Guide (Entire Document)[Link to copy hosted by NHS EnglandHealth & Social Care Information Centre]

Brief Summary

Contains information for changing name and gender on NHS records in England and Wales. This does not require surgery or a Gender Recognition Certificate.

This document provides detailed procedures for the NHS England Patient Database System (PDS) which is the national electronic database of NHS patient demographic details such as name, address, date of birth and NHS Number. Chapter 7 provides guidance for GP surgeries on how to deal with a patient who requests a change of gender on their medical records. This can be particularly useful for patients whose GP incorrectly believes that a Gender Recognition Certificate or surgery is required before the gender marker can be changed.

Extract from Chapter 7

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 provides for transsexual people to apply to the Gender Recognition Panel to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate. Successful applicants, who are granted a full Gender Recognition Certificate, will, from the date of issue, be considered in the eyes of the law to be of their acquired gender. He or she is entitled to all the rights appropriate to a person of his or her acquired gender. The Act also provides transsexual people with special protection of their privacy and as such it is an offence for an individual to disclose to any other person the transsexual history of a patient who is in receipt of a Gender Recognition Certificate, without their explicit consent.

Prior to making any changes to a patient’s registration, the GP should discuss the patient’s wishes regarding transition and where this is intended to be permanent may provide them with a letter confirming this for use when approaching other institutions in respect of their name and gender change.

The GP should also provide the patient with advice on the process, and how their care will be managed going forward, for example their inclusion in ‘regular’ screening initiatives based on administrative gender which they should either ignore or seek further information if they have concerns. Similarly, the GP is obliged to ensure that arrangements are made for the patients to receive appropriate tests without any need to reference their previous gender.

To comply with the Gender Recognition Act, the following process is in place for managing cases where a patient wishes to become known by a gender and name other than that of their birth. This process is currently under review and may be subject to change at short notice.

Information is also provided below on the handling of medical records for patients who have chosen to ‘acquire’ a new gender. This may be helpful in advising GPs on how best to handle clinical records.

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