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Brief Summary

Drawing on the research and responses to the Shine project over the past two years of  engagement amongst trans spectrum people, this resource is aimed at LGBT and mainstream organisations who want to make their organisation truly inclusive for trans people.

Extract from Document

This toolkit is for LGBT organisations that want to be inclusive. It explores what transphobia is, the barriers to services trans people face, and provides simple, practical guidance on how you can remove these barriers.

The information it contains comes from trans people themselves. We held a series of focus groups which explored trans people’s experiences of accessing services. Some of these groups were open to all trans spectrum people, others were closed groups on the same issues, which were targeted at specific groups of people; trans youth and black and minority ethnic (BAME) trans people. We also held discussions with LGBT organisations to find out the challenges they face.

Our advice and guidance is based around 10 Keys to success. These highlight the importance of delivering services to trans people and recognising their unique potential to be an integral part of your organisation’s activities and its development. We hope this resource will provide you with concrete tools to realise your vision of trans inclusivity.

Although this toolkit has been written with LGBT organisations in mind, we think much of this information will be relevant to other organisations and service providers too. Please feel free to use it and adapt it to suit your needs.

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