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Brief Summary

Official figures from the Home Office of recorded hate crimes in England and Wales for 2013/14. These figures show a 54% increase in transgender hate crime.

Extract from Document

Transgender identity hate crime saw the biggest percentage increase of the five strands between 2012/13 and 2013/14 (54%) while disability and sexual orientation hate crime increased by similar proportions to race hate crime (both by 8%). Disability and transgender hate crime are the only two strands which have increased each year since 2011/12 (Table 2).

It is less clear whether increases in disability, sexual orientation and transgender hate crime reflect a real rise in these offences or whether they reflect improved identification and recording practices by the police. The increase across all three strands may suggest improved identification of hate crime is a factor, but genuine increases cannot be ruled out.

In the majority of police forces (89%), sexual orientation hate crime was the second most commonly recorded hate crime while in 82 per cent of forces transgender identity hate crime was the least commonly recorded hate crime (Appendix Table 1.02).

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