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Brief Summary

Specific details of the care pathway and operational systems for Leeds Gender Identity Clinic.

Extract from Document

The Leeds Gender Identity Service (LGIDS) is a specialist service provided by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Specialist Services Care Group, clinically managed through the Specialist Service Care Group and delivered to Service Users within an Outpatient setting. The overall aim of this Service is to provide a realistic framework to assess, diagnose, manage and where appropriate provide treatment to those individuals experiencing gender dysphoria via a professional therapeutic relationship, using service’s policies, procedures and UK Standards of Care.

The individual outcome from attending the LGIDS is to achieve as far as possible resolution of gender dysphoria and to help the individual work towards an integrated identity that has personal meaning. This is not gender reassignment through hormone treatment and/or surgery per se. However, for those wishing to live in their true gender role the outcome is to have enabled the individual to achieve a degree of gender expression and appearance that facilitates a more comfortable lifestyle.  This is a collaborative endeavour between the individual and the different clinicians working within a multidisciplinary team.

The Pathway of Care is designed to be flexible and negotiated between service user and clinician dependant on the service user’s needs and individual circumstances.

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