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Brief Summary

Press release dated 30th June 2014 giving information on the current status of their gender reassignment surgery.

Extract from Website

We are very proud of the quality of care we provide to our gender reassignment patients and of the outcomes and benefits of this life-changing surgery. Our gender reassignment service is commissioned by NHS England to provide the majority of male to female reassignment surgery in England. There has been a steady increase over recent years in the number of referrals of patients (who have undergone the required psychological assessment) for this specialist surgery.

This year, the service is undergoing some changes. The service employs two gender reassignment surgeons. One of these, Mr James Bellringer, resigned from the Trust in April.  To replace him we have appointed Ms Tina Rashid who will start performing gender reassignment surgery in September this year, as well as other work within the urology department.  This transition has led to a temporary reduction in the number of cases we are carrying out. We recognise the impact of these changes on patients and are taking action to address this:

  • Our new gender reassignment surgeon, Ms Rashid,  will start performing gender reassignment operations in September
  • As well as this, we hope to then be able to undertake extra surgical lists to ensure patients are seen as quickly as possible
  • As a temporary measure, we are referring a small number of patients who have waited longer than others to a private provider
  • We are considering the appointment of a third surgeon to increase our capacity for this service and we will be discussing this with NHS England
  • We are looking at how we communicate news about the service to patients to ensure we keep you up to date

We believe that these steps will lead to a more robust, sustainable service with a greater number of surgeons than we have previously had.  Our service is complex, requiring input from specialist nurses, surgeons and our partners at gender identity clinics, so we are working hard to ensure we carefully build up our service to provide the very best care for all our patients, both now and in the future

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