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These Regulations create and control the Gender Recognition Register in England and Wales. This register is used to produce new birth certificates for those who have a full Gender Recognition Certificate.

Explanatory Notes

These Regulations make provision for entries to be made in the Gender Recognition Register and the marking of existing birth register entries once the Registrar General receives a copy of the full gender recognition certificate under section 10(1) of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

The Regulations provide for an entry in the gender recognition register to contain information which corresponds with the information recorded in the applicants existing birth record, apart from the new name and gender which will be obtained from the gender recognition certificate.

2011 Amendment

In 2011 it was amended to remove the ability of a person whose birth was registered on or before 31st March 1969 to elect to have additional particulars, including a surname, entered in the Gender Recognition Register. This is because it had the effect of permitting such a person to change their surname since birth records created on or before 31st March 1969 did not contain the surname of the child. That option was not afforded to those whose birth records were created on or after 1st April 1969. The ability to change one’s surname through other legitimate means remains unaffected.


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