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This order sets the fees for applications to the Gender Recognition Panel. It prescribed two fees depending on the income of the applicant. It also prescribed that no fee was payable in circumstances where the applicant’s relevant income was lower than a set threshold or the applicant was in receipt of a qualifying benefit. This order has been replaced or amended several times to adjust the fee and income thresholds.


Official Explanatory Note (see below for thresholds)

Section 7(2) of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (“the Act”), provides for fees to be payable in relation to applications to a Gender Recognition Panel under section 1(1), 5(2) and 6(1) of the Act. This Order prescribes the level of those fees. It prescribes a fee of £140 for applicants whose relevant income is greater than [HIGHER THRESHOLD], and a fee of £30 for applicants whose relevant income is greater than [LOWER THRESHOLD] but not greater than [HIGHER THRESHOLD]. It prescribes that no fee is payable in circumstances where the applicant’s relevant income is [LOWER THRESHOLD] or less or the applicant is in receipt of a qualifying benefit. “Relevant income” and “qualifying benefit” are defined in articles 4 and 5.

The Order also prescribes that no fee is payable if the application is made under section 5(2) (application for a full gender recognition certificate within 6 months of grant of an interim gender recognition certificate) or under section 1(1) where the applicant had previously received an interim gender recognition certificate, or under section 6(1) (application for a corrected certificate where the original contains an error).

Fees for applications

made on or after

Lower Threshold

(£30 fee if above this)

Higher Threshold

(£140 fee is above this)

4th April 2005 £15,050 £22,575
6th April 2006 £15,460 £23,185
6th April 2007 £16,017 £24,019
6th April 2008 £16,642 £24,956
6th April 2009 £17,474 £26,204
6th April 2011 £18,008 £27,005
16th April 2012 £18,948 £28,415


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