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Download this file (Applying_for_a_passport_additional_information.PDF)Applying for a passport: Additional information for trans customers[Archive copy hosted by UK Trans Info]
Access this URL (https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/251703/Applying_for_a_passport_additional_information.PDF)Applying for a passport: Additional information for trans customers[Link to copy hosted by Gov.uk]

Brief Summary

Contains information about changing name and gender on a British passport. This does not require surgery or a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Extract from Leaflet

We want everyone applying for a passport to be able to do so quickly and easily.

This leaflet gives some additional advice relating to the specific needs of our transgender and transsexual customers when applying for a passport so they don’t
experience any undue delay.

Please read this leaflet in addition to the “Applying for a passport” guidance booklet provided with the passport application form.

You can apply for a passport in an acquired gender. This option is available to those who do not hold a Gender Recognition Certificate or have not had gender reassignment surgery, as well as those who have.

As with all passport applications, we need to confirm your identity to prevent identity fraud and verify that you are a British national. In some cases, to help complete your application, we may need to ask for further information compared to what is outlined in our guidance booklet.

Doctor Letter

As part of this process you will need to provide a letter from a doctor. Below is an example letter that can be adjusted to your needs:

To whom it may concern,

This is to confirm that my patient, previously known as Miss Jane Bloggs, is currently undergoing gender reassignment and as part of this process has changed her name by statutory declaration to Mr Joe Bloggs. Mr Bloggs now lives as male and this change is intended to be permanent.

Your assistance in making the relevant changes to your records and in preserving full confidentiality will be appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Dr G Practitioner

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